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Heligan Wild's aim is to maximise biodiversity within a patchwork of habitats found throughout the 200 acres of historic Cornish estate and garden. Ancient woodland, hay meadows, grazed pasture, wetlands are all sustainably managed to encourage local wildlife. This is achieved using a variety of traditional methods including coppicing, charcoal burning, hay making, and low intensity grazing with our herd of Dexter cattle.
Horsemoor Hide lies at the heart of our estate, and offers the perfect location to enjoy Heligan’s wildlife. There is a large wildlife viewing area; along with live and recorded footage, interactive displays, photographs and information gathered by our dedicated Wildlife Team.

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Latest news

Water Rail at The Hide

12th January 2015


Following on from a few brief sightings last year, this winter we have been lucky enough for a Water Rail to have seemingly taken up residence on the hide pond.

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Insect Hotel

3rd September 2014

Some September guests to our Insect Hotel

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Barn Owl update - August 2014

6th August 2014

We will use this news page alongside our Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep you up to date with what goes on throughout the nesting season.

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